About Liber-Tea

Who we are?

Liber-tea.com is the website of Nouveau-Bio, a french company based in Paris.
The meaning of the word 'Nouveau' in French is 'New' and Bio is 'Organic'.
New Life - Better you, is not only a slogan, for us it's a way of living.

Our Story

Nouveau bio is a brand that wants to make products in the field of Wellness and Beauty accessible to consumers around the world in response to the need for a healthier, better, peaceful life with a good body and mind connection, and provide solutions for problems such as Weight loss, Stress, Sleep, etc

Where it's all began?

Our story begins, in the early 1970s, in a small pharmacy in Paris where a young pharmacist named Golav Stanislav worked. Golav was a pharmacist from another generation, one in which pharmacists actually concocted medicines themselves.

Veteran pharmacists have used the wisdom accumulated over thousands of years from all over the world to cure diseases or medical problems. They were familiar with the medicinal properties and the abundant power and infinite wisdom that exists in plants and substances from nature. In fact, this curiosity is what originally attracted Golav to study pharmacy and become a successful pharmacist later on.

Clients from all over Paris would come to Golav Stanislav's pharmacy to help them find a solution to health problems and he would dispense the medicine to them from the ingredients that were available at the pharmacy. After a while, the big drug companies entered the market with ready-made solutions for any problem or disease in the form of ready-made tablets in a box. People preferred a cheap and easy solution, in the form of a box with pills, over natural preparations. This is how the meaning of a pharmacy was changed forever. Like other pharmacists, Golav also stopped prescribing preparations himself and in fact, all he had left, was to pull out a box of pills depending on what was prescribed by the doctor, place it on the counter and charge the client.

Over 20 years later, Golav, who still worked as a pharmacist in a pharmacy in Paris, began receiving inquiries from customers for other different products, other than synthetic pills from commercial pharmaceutical companies.

Beyond the demand for natural products, Golav noticed something else interesting - most of the problems and diseases for which people sought a natural solution, were those that originated in the modern lifestyle! Problems like sleep and stress and especially the problem of being overweight were the main problems for which people were looking for a natural, quality solution that would make a difference.

This is how Golav Stanislav found himself, once again returning to the sources and dispensing extracts, infusions, and herbal mixtures for sedation, good sleep, and weight loss.

Rumors about the quality of Golav Stanislav's natural products spread throughout Paris. Over time as more and more pharmacies sought to sell his products, production shifted from the pharmacy to a small workshop opened by Stanislav in the Paris suburbs.

Over the years, tourists from around the world who visited Paris took back with them the natural products, and demand began to come from all over the world. Despite the success, for many years, Stanislav's products were sold in pharmacies in Paris only.

In recent years, the products have also started to be sold in new markets under the name Nouveau Bio. 

We decided to call our product Nouveau Bio  - New Life - because just like Golav gave new life to his clients, we want to continue this tradition with our customers worldwide.

 Since 2019 Nouveau Bio has been shipped from Paris to Amazon Prime customers in the US and other internet platforms around the world.

Even today, when Golav is already over 80, he continues to concoct new products, while maintaining long-standing traditions.

Nouveau Bio adheres to the set of values and traditions that Golav stood for:

  • High Quality
  • 100% Natural
  • Organic (has formal certifications)
  • A working and noticeable solution
  • Healthy and safe to use

Liber-Tea Detox Tea

Drinking detox tea in a natural, pleasant, comfortable, and safe way with real results. Detox teas help in the process of weight loss and detoxification of the body. The tea is also very effective in cases of “weight loss plateau” or long-term constipation. The tea is organic, kosher (insect-free), and is produced under strict adherence to food quality regulations. (FDA 19023658300)

Our bodies need a little help sometimes to feel refreshed and regenerated. There are many reasons why you may feel a little ‘off’. It could be from changing seasons, lack of sleep, excessive food or alcohol, or for no explainable reason.
Detoxing helps eliminate toxins that may have built up over time, it purifies the body from the inside out and as it does so, it also clears the mind.

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